Terrapin Care Station is known far and wide for its premium selection of expertly-grown cannabis flower. Terrapin growers have won multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards for its cultivars. Strains like Hell’s OG, Grapefruit Durban, Princess Leia, and Elphaba’s Bliss are among Terrapin Care Station’s exclusive selection of bud.

Per Colorado regulations, Terrapin Care Station sends every one of its cannabis crops to a third party lab for quality assurance testing. The team checks for microbials, pesticides, terpene profiles, potency, and any unwanted metals, mold, or mildew. 

Mint Kudo Cookies
Chocolate Bars:
Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate
Coffee Dark Chocolate
Cookies & Cream White Chocolate
Mint Dark Chocolate
Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate
Toffee Almond Milk Chocolate
Pistachio White Chocolate
Black Cherry Dark Chocolate
Bon Bons

100MG Drink/Syrup:
Pineapple Mango
Black Cherry
Blue Raspberry
Nordic Goddess

Sweet/Sour Sativa Asst.
Sweet/Sour Indica Asst.
Wranglers Relief Balm

Caramel Waffles
Lemon Waffles
Strawberry Waffles

Sour Cherry
Green Apple

The Remedy
CBN Capsules
CBD Capsules
1:1 CBC Compound
Trasdemal Patch
Muscle Freeze
1:1 CBD/THC Patches

Cedar Wood Salve 1:1
Lavendar Vanilla 1:1
Island Breeze 1:1
Sublingual Spray:
1:10 Peppermint
1:1 Strawberry Ginger
1:1 Peppermint 

Chocolate Taffy (S/I)
Caramel Taffy (H)
Strawberry Taffy (I)
Sour Apple Taffy (H)
CBD Chocolate Taffy
Dabba Bar (S/I)

Honey Suckle Hot

Keef Cola – Asst. Flavors
Sparkling Water
Flo Energy
Keef Lite (S/I)

Chocolate Bars:
Boulder Bar
Mile High Mint
PB Buddha
Strawberry Crunch
Monkey Bar
Pistachio Mint
Key Lime
Blackcherry 100mg 1:1
Fruit Chews
Strawberry CBD 1:1
10:1 CBD/THC Tincture
1:1 CBD/THC Tincture
Levandar Bath Salts
Eucalyptus Bath Salts

Raspberry Dark Chocolate
Hazelnut  Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt  Dark Chocolate
Peruvian  Dark Chocolate

TincQture THC (S/I/H)
TincQture CBD

Assorted Chew It’s
1:1 THC:CBD Chew It’s
Assorted Suck It’s
THC:CBD Sucker
THC Sucker

Chocolate Chip
White Choc. Butter Pecan
Peanut Butter
Double Choc. CBD 20:1
Truffle Brownie Bites
Single Cookies
Berry Fuit Snacks
Apple Fruit Snacks
Tropical Fruit Snacks

Assorted Sour (S/H/I)
Watermelon (H)
Blueberry (I)
Mango (S)
Strawberry CBD 10:1
St. Lemonade CBD 1:1
Exotic Yuzu CBD 2:1
Tangerine (S)
Watermelon (I)
Kiwi Strawberry 1:1
THC Capsules (I/S)
CBD Capsules 
CBD:THC Capsules

THC Tablets (S/I)
20:1 CBD:THC Tablets
Extra Strength Skin Gel
Pineapple Sativa Gummies
Pear Indica Gummies
Blueberry 1:1 Gummies
Mango 20:1 Gummies
Blackberry Lemonade Gummies

100mg Sativa Mints
100mg Hybrid (Fruit/Lime)

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